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Baltimore businesses and organizations choose Shred Ace as their partner for hosting shredding events. Shred events are a great way to show customers your appreciation, or to provide tenants and residents a means to securely dispose of their information and prevent identity theft. Simply put, goodwill created by hosting a shred event is significant. By partnering with Shred Ace, you ensure that participants can watch their material being destroyed right before their eyes.

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How does a shred event work? We send one of our mobile shredding trucks out to your location, and participants of the event can watch their materials being securely shredded right before their eyes. Most often we charge an hourly rate for the services, and you are welcome to simply offer the event to participants for free, charge a fee per box as part of a fundraiser, or any other program that you think will work best. For our part, we make sure that folks are greeted with a friendly smile and that all materials are securely destroyed and recycled.

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