The Most Secure Shredding Process for Companies in Baltimore, MD

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Information security is our sole focus at Shred Ace. If you want to establish a secure shredding program in one or more of your office locations, our on-site shredding process is simply the best solution. Our staff is professional, our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our pricing is simple and cost-effective. And if you just need a one-time cleanout, no problem, we’ll utilize the same secure shredding process to shred all of your documents in one fell swoop.

Deposit Documents

Documents are placed into our locked security containers that are located in your facility.

Do I have to pay for the container(s)? No, there is no charge for the containers themselves, they are free.  

Do you only offer the cabinet that I see in the picture to the right? No, we also several types of containers with different sizes and proportions.  Just call or email to determine which container will best work for your office.


A Shred Ace technician will remove your confidential documents and wheel them down to our mobile shredding truck in a locked container.

Will your technician be wearing a uniform and/or badge?  Yes, all Shred Ace employees wear a standard uniform and security badge.  Do not allow any other individuals to gain access to your information – if they aren’t carrying proper Shred Ace identification, they aren’t from Shred Ace.

On-Site Destruction

The locked container is wheeled down to our document shredding truck and lifted into the shredder.  All materials are shredded right in front of you – our truck does not leave your premises until the shredding has been completed.

Do the trucks make a lot of noise?  To shred as fast as we do, there’s bound to be some noise.  Our technicians are trained to be considerate in any environment and park a reasonable distance from offices or homes . . . we want our truck to bring positive, secure thoughts to those that see it, not aggravation.

Signed Certificate

A Certificate of Destruction is provided once we have completed our shredding service.

How can I pay for my shredding?  We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and bank drafts.


Recycling Symbol WebsiteOnce we have finished shredding your documents we will transports the shredded materials to a local recycling facility, putting an eco-friendly end to our records shredding process.

Our document shredding process is second to none. Contact Shred Ace today for a free, no-obligation quote on service!

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To speak with a member of our staff about our document shredding services, contact Shred Ace online or by phone at 410.982.6257.

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sarah valente
sarah valente
15:37 19 Sep 14
I had the onerous task of disposing of 45 years worth of legal documents for a defunct company. Shred Ace really saved the day! Communication was prompt, clear, and friendly. The on-site shredding truck showed up right on time and the driver could not have been more helpful or polite. I watched as the shredding took place, comforted that nothing sensitive would fall into the wrong hands. All around, a great experience. Would recommend Shred Ace without hesitation!
Kellie Jones
Kellie Jones
20:32 06 Nov 17
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