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Now more than ever, companies and organizations all around the Baltimore area are realizing the importance of safeguarding the private information contained in the documents, electronic files, and paperwork that they deal with daily. 

As identity theft, digital fraud, and security breaches present themselves as real, costly threats, it’s important to understand the weight of their consequences and to work hard to avoid them, which, in most cases, means trusting a local, reliable shredding company in Annapolis, MD, such as Shred Ace, to handle the job of proper document disposal. 

Mobile On-Site Shredding That Comes To You

Our dedication and commitment to our customers’ security come with the seal of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), the leading global trade association of the document shredding industry. 

What this means for you is that each of our shredding services is backed by the greatest authority in its field, keeping your confidential information protected from possible liabilities at all times. 

Trusting Shred Ace as your shredding company in Annapolis MD provides access to our mobile on-site shredding process, a protocol that brings shredding trucks straight to your doorstep (literally!). Our secure locked containers installed in your offices keep discarded materials safe until uniformed members of our team come pick them up, shredding them at our shredding trucks parked right next to you. 

Once shredding is complete, you are left with a Certificate of Destruction, and all materials are taken to a local recycling facility. 

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Companies of all verticals rely on Shred Ace to handle their document disposal needs. Our competitive prices, outstanding customer service, and high-security standards ensure full confidentiality and satisfaction. 

Contact us today to learn more about Shred Ace, your number one shredding company in Annapolis, MD.

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