Federal Government Shredding Services in Towson, MD

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Federal government agencies handle large amounts of classified information daily. This data needs to be protected at all times including during disposal. 

This includes paperwork, hard-drives, electronic devices and everything else that could contain private data. At Shred Ace, we work hand in hand with different agencies to provide highly secure federal government shredding services in Towson, MD. 

On-Site Shredding Services in Towson, MD

As one of the most trusted shredding companies in Baltimore, your security is our number one priority. We have developed an exclusive line of mobile, federal government shredding services in Towson, MD for your convenience. 

We provide your offices with a set of secure, locked containers where all items can be stored. Once these are full, uniformed members of our team will drive our shredding trucks straight to your doorstep, where you can witness the shredding process as it happens. 

Our shredding technology allows us to perform this process quickly and effectively. Much quicker than an office shredder ever could. We work under the strict security protocols provided by the National Association of Information Destruction so nothing is left to chance. 

Whether off-site or on-site, recurring or one-time, we offer flexible shredding solutions and data destruction services. Our services are specifically tailored to federal government entities under our GSA Schedule #GS-03F-071DA.

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