Federal Government Shredding Services in Columbia, MD

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When you work for the federal government you deal with a lot of sensitive data, often in paper form. And, documents with sensitive information need to be disposed of properly and securely. Fortunately, at Shred Ace, we can help. We offer NAID AAA certified federal government shredding services Columbia, MD professionals can and do rely on. 

Certified Shredding

In Columbia, MD, federal government shredding services have to meet GSA standards and we have been awarded GSA Schedule Contract #GS-03F-071DA. As a result, we can provide secure and reliable shredding services to government organizations of all sizes and types.

On-Site Shredding

For increased peace of mind, our GSA approved shredding services can be performed on-site so you can watch as your documents are being shredded. Furthermore, once our shredding services are complete, we can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to prove that your documents have been shredded securely and in accordance with our high standards.


Finally, no matter the needs of your organization, we can assist you. We’re proud to provide both recurring and one-time shredding services. If you choose recurring shredding, we can even supply you with containers to securely store documents until the time of destruction.

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