Federal Government Shredding Services in Annapolis, MD

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Federal entities often deal with highly sensitive data. This data needs to be handled with care at all times and disposed of properly. At Shred Ace, we understand the sensitive nature of federal documents and offer NAID AAA certified federal government shredding services in Annapolis, MD.

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Our GSA approved shredding services extend beyond document shredding. The data on hard drives is just as vulnerable as the information on paper files. Even if you delete the information, it may still be recovered and could fall into the wrong hands. We fully shred and destroy hard drives so that information cannot be extracted. Thus, when you work with us, you’ll enjoy the ease and convenience of having all of your shredding needs taken care of by experts.


Secure document destruction and/or hard drive destruction doesn’t just protect you and the people connected to your organization. It also saves a lot of time. Most federal organizations are overwhelmed with work and don’t have the time to shred documents and properly dispose of hard drives. When you entrust your shredding service needs to Shred Ace, you and your employees can focus on more pressing tasks.

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For efficient and effective federal government shredding services in Annapolis, MD, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with personalized customer service and increased peace of mind.

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