Electronics Shredding in Towson, MD

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Electronic devices are a major part of our daily lives and a lot of private data is usually contained on them. What many fail to realize is that when the time comes to dispose of these devices, the information kept on them could easily leave them susceptible. 

Considering the data on a broken device could even be accessed, proper destruction is key to protecting you from identity theft and fraud. That is why it’s important to remember to have your electronic devices professionally destroyed. 

At Shred Ace we aim to keep your information secure while providing an effective solution to electronic disposal. Our electronics shredding services in Towson, MD have been developed under top security standards provided by the National Association of Information Destruction. 

Secure Electronics Shredding and Recycling

When Shred Ace handles your electronics shredding in Towson, MD, you can rest assured the proper security measures are being taken. Our NAID AAA-certified services provide secure and effective disposal. We make sure your information is kept as confidential as it should be. 

Not just that, but we also consider the environmental impact of electronic device disposal. We work hand in hand with local recycling facilities to ensure your disposed electronics don’t end up in landfills but are properly recycled instead. 

In the age of planned obsolescence, the United States alone disposes of over 30 million computers per year according to the Environmental Protection Agency, causing major environmental damage. We aim to be part of the solution, not the problem. 

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Ensure the safety of your confidential data and proper disposal of your digital waste. Use our electronics shredding services in Towson, MD to safely get rid of your old devices while keeping your environmental footprint in check. 

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