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Both businesses and individuals alike handle tremendous amounts of confidential information, much of which is contained in paper files and documents. From bank records, business contracts and payroll information – if said data were to fall in the wrong hands, your privacy would be severely compromised, leading to identity theft, security fraud and more. 

While most people and companies work hard to ensure the documents containing confidential information are kept secure while they’re in use, the same often does not apply to the disposal process.

At Shred Ace, we always remind our customers that ensuring a proper disposal of their excess paperwork is mandatory for security. This is why we’ve developed a full line of NAID AAA certified document destruction services, which has made us one of the top document shredding companies in Reisterstown, MD. 

Mobile, On-Site Document Destruction That Comes To You 

So, why is it that we stand as one of the top document shredding companies in Reisterstown, MD? This is due to a variety of factors:

First, we work under the standards and guidance provided by the National Association of Information Destruction, the top authority in our industry. With this, we create a comprehensive 5-step mobile on-site shredding process that takes document destruction straight to our client’s doorstep. 

Second, our professionalism and technologically advanced equipment helps ensure complete privacy. This with our great customer service leaves no issue unattended and clients fully satisfied. Not just that, but we keep our environmental footprints low by taking the destroyed materials to local recycling centers. 

All in all, we aim to provide an efficient and comprehensive service that keeps our customers fully satisfied, and their privacy protected at all times. 

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