Document Destruction in Baltimore, MD

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Businesses and organizations of all sizes and verticals are realizing the importance of protecting confidential information now more than ever.  And, when the time comes to dispose of documents, data is the most vulnerable to security breaches. 

Payroll data, budgets, proposals, and other files can be vulnerable to digital fraud, and other risks, potentially costing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. In order to keep this from happening, hiring a professional shredding company like Shred Ace is the best way to go. 

As a locally run company working under the recommendations of the National Association of Information Destruction, we are able to provide truly secure document destruction in Baltimore, MD. 

Secure Document Destruction

If private documents contain important data, it is simply not enough to cut them in half and throw them in a trash can or run them through a regular office shredder. 

At Shred Ace, we provide secure document destruction in Baltimore, MD. We work using protocols designed to keep your company protected, while at the same time saving you time and money, thanks to our competitive prices and technologically advanced equipment. This allows us to do bulk document shredding at a fraction of the time any office shredder would. 

Plus, not only do we take care of paper files, but we also offer hard drive shredding and even recycle of electronic items. When using our mobile, on-site shredding services, our trucks come straight to your doorstep, allowing you to witness the destruction process as it happens!

Not just that, but our service is environmentally friendly and we take our destroyed materials to local recycling facilities. We also leave you with a Certificate of Destruction as proof it was all handled according to standards. 

Give us a call today and learn first hand why so many businesses and individuals rely on our professional document destruction in Baltimore, MD.

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