Confidential Records Shredding in Annapolis, MD

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Handling confidential records is part of your business and you understand that this data must be protected at all times. Not doing so could leave not just your clients at risk, but put your business in serious risk as well.

Since information is the most vulnerable to security breaches at the point of disposal, handling its destruction should be left to a professional shredding company like Shred Ace. We provide a cost-effective, security-focused solution in the form of confidential records shredding to Annapolis, MD businesses and individuals. 

Efficient Confidential Records Shredding

At Shred Ace, we are proud to offer our confidential record shredding services in Annapolis MD. 

Developed under the standards of the National Association of Information Destruction, we are able to cater to various types of businesses, such as law firms, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and other entities that handle confidential information daily. 

When you hire us for your confidential records shredding, you can trust us to cater to your individual needs, as our 5-step mobile on-site shredding provides a closed chain of custody at all times.

Years of experience, competitive prices, the best equipment, and high-quality customer service, along with our tremendous focus on security and privacy, are the reason why clients all over the Baltimore area prefer to work with us. 

Save yourself time, money, and worries by relying on the professionalism of Shred Ace, an NAID AAA certified shredding company. 

Contact us today and find out more about our hard drive shredding, bulk document destruction, and other services.

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