Computer And Electronics Recycling In Baltimore, MD

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The tremendous amount of electronics that are produced and sold all over the world has created many convenient changes to both our jobs and daily lives. However, it has also created a new set of problems in the way we handle electronic waste. 

In the age of programmed obsolescence, both businesses and individuals accumulate large quantities of e-waste.

According to a January 2019 report from the World Economic Forum, up to 48.5 million tons of electronic waste were produced in 2018 alone, making this the fastest growing type of waste in the world.

As landfills and traditional recycling facilities are unable to process such tremendous amounts of waste, electronic components end up causing great environmental pollution and chemical leakage that is highly dangerous to human health. At Shred Ace, we are committed to offering a solution that minimizes this issue by providing sustainable computer and electronics recycling to Baltimore, MD residents and companies. 

The Benefits Of E-Recycling

E-waste, which is comprised of discarded electronic equipment like old computers, TVs, and cellphones, can be effectively recycled in most cases. Recycling these items  produces a tremendous amount of benefits that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Downcycling processes capable of reducing electronic equipment to a raw material form.
  • Reusing parts for other purposes.
  • Repurposing electronic items to be used by other individuals/businesses.
  • Increased accessibility by others to electronic products and equipment.

At Shred Ace, businesses and individuals can find a way to easily and affordably enjoy the perks of computer and electronics recycling in Baltimore, MD. 

How Our Recycling Process Works

Our convenient and cost-effective computer and electronics recycling solutions are designed to deal with anything from hard drives, laptops, and desktop computers to printers, monitors and much more. 

Users looking to enjoy the benefits of eRecycling can bring their discarded items straight to our headquarters or hire our mobile eRecycling services. 
Are you ready to recycle? If so, contact Shred Ace today to learn more about computer and electronics recycling in Baltimore, MD.

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