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Businesses, companies and organizations of all sizes and types handle tremendous amounts of data daily, all of which tends to accumulate in the form of paper and digital files. However, once these files are no longer necessary and the time comes to dispose of them, discretion is mandatory, as the confidential data contained in them could lead to severe consequences when left in the wrong hands. 

In the age of identity theft, digital fraud, and leakage of information, shredding in the office shredder or deleting files off of hard drives simply isn’t enough to protect your sensitive data, which is why it becomes necessary to hire a professional agency capable of handling all of the destruction in a secure, effective way. 

At Shred Ace we feel proud to offer NAID AAA certified services of business document destruction in Columbia, MD, working hard to keep our clients’ information secure at all times. 

Mobile On-Site Shredding Services

As a National Agency of Information Destruction certified agency, we work hard to make sure our clients’ sensitive information is safe at all times, which is why we’ve developed a unique mobile on-site shredding service that guarantees proper business document destruction for our Columbia, MD clients. 

It begins by providing customers with a set of secure, locked containers in which to store all of the documents and materials to be destroyed. These are then picked up by uniformed members of our team in charge of taking them straight to our shredding trucks, which are parked right outside their offices, where they can witness the process as it happens. 

By using this process you’re not only keeping your information safe but also saving your company time and money, as our equipment is capable of handling the job in a much more efficient way than any office shredder would. 

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Hiring our business document destruction services in Columbia, MD means your company’s private information is protected at all times. Contact us today to learn more about this and our many other services offered, including hard drive shredding and more. 

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