Affordable Document Scanning In Columbia, MD

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Regardless of the size of your company, documents and files start piling up and at some point occupy valuable office space, meaning wasting precious employee time when it’s time to index and manage information. Shred Ace offers a solution in the form of affordable document scanning in Columbia, MD.

This convenient service turns your bulk documents into easily accessible and manageable electronic files, saving space and facilitating the process of archive managing and retrieving. We allow you and your coworkers to spend time in what actually matters: Growing your business.

Leave the job to the professionals

At Shred Ace we are proud to provide, along with our many services, affordable document scanning that Columbia, MD companies can rely on.

Regardless of the amount of files you have, we are equipped with the best technology to convert them into all types of formats, such as jpeg, gif, PDF, tiff, OCR, etc, and save them on to CD or DVD. We make your archiving process much smoother.

As a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified company, our commitment to service means we make sure your important files are handled in the most secure way, leaving absolutely nothing to chance and protecting your valuable information at all times.

At Shred Ace we are more than equipped to provide you with a complete service that handles the process of transporting, preparing, scanning, indexing and shredding in full, so that you don’t have to worry about image quality control and posterior document shredding or handling.

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