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When it comes to outsourcing your document destruction needs, you should only trust the security of your private files to an agency that stands at the top of commercial shredding companies in Towson, MD the way that Shred Ace does.

Did you know that disposal is one of the most vulnerable moments in the life cycle of the files containing your commercial data? Professional shredding serves as a way to not only save you time and money, but also protect your business from liabilities such as fraud, and information leaks. 

For this reason, you should only trust a National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) certified shredding agency, one whose services are designed to meet your security needs, such as Shred Ace.

Affordable, Secure On-Site Shredding Services

Our focus on security, along with our professionalism and customer service, is the reason why we stand as reference to commercial shredding companies in Towson, MD. Our owners play an active role in day-to-day operations so we can offer businesses a closed chain of custody and full accountability. 

Regardless of the type of service you need, whether recurring, one-time purge paper shredding, computer hard drive destruction, or shredding of medical and legal documents, we make sure to keep you protected at all times. 

Our mobile, on-site shredding service provides your facility with secure, locked containers in which to dispose of all the material. These are then picked up by uniformed members of our team and taken straight to our shredding trucks parked right outside your office, where you can witness the shredding as it happens. 

As all shredded materials are taken to a local recycling facility, you are left with a Certificate of Destruction that serves as a warranty that the process was done accordingly and effectively. 

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